Consider us to be your fundraising coach and problem solver. We will design a service around your needs and your budget. Here are just some examples of the help we can provide.

Coaching: Need an expert set of eyes on your fundraising program? Have a new staff person who could use a bit of support? Want to run your next direct mail piece past an expert? Whether it’s an hour or a few days, we’re here for you.

Training: Need to ramp up your donor services? Learn to write stories that touch the hearts of your donors? Do you have a campaign coming up and need some help in training your board to make asks? We can help. Whether it’s remote online training, or in person, we’re here to get you to where you need to be.

Writing: Need an amazing case for support? A newsletter? A direct marketing appeal? How about a welcome package? We love to help you tell your stories.

Analytics: You know how difficult it is to assess and plan when you don’t have a good handle on your data. We love data, and the stories it can tell us. Let us run your data through an analytics program and report back to you on your key performance indicators and areas for improvement.

Strategic Planning: Whether organization-wide or fundraising-specific, we’ll work with you to develop a realistic, solid and achievable plan that takes into account the resources you have available.

Speaking: Leah LOVES sharing her knowledge and learning new things. She’s spoken internationally on a huge range of topics. Some of her favourites include authentic leadership, behavioural economics, storytelling and stewardship. Whether at a conference, or through an interactive workshop with your board and/or staff, we’d love to get in front of you.

Those are just a few ideas. For a free half hour chat and brainstorm, you can schedule a phone call by clicking on this link.

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