I had a wonderful time presenting at Isamlingsforum 2017, the Swedish Fundraising Association’s annual conference. I did a plenary called, “Put your own oxygen mask on first,” where I talked about the leadership crisis in fundraising and how it impacts our profession, and I presented on behavioural economics twice.

The following resources may be of interest to those who heard me speak:

  • My slide deck for my plenary, “Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First” can be found here
  • My slide deck for “Using Behavioural Economics to Really Connect to your Donors” can be found here

Here are a few links to Deborah Small/Paul Slovic’s research around response to stories about individuals rather than statistics:

And here are some readings (plus a past presentation of mine) on behavioural economics and fundraising:

Finally, here are a few research studies about the leadership crisis in our sector:

Happy reading!