Why Blue Canoe?

Truth be told, I’m not a city girl.

I remember as a child dreaming of the little log cabin in the woods that I’d eventually live in, surrounded by books. My cabin would be shaded by trees, with a view of a lake rippling in the wind.

Although I don’t live in a cabin full-time, I’m fortunate to have grown up spending summers by the lake. Quiet lakes. Give me a canoe or a kayak and I’m good for the day.

Leaving the city, I can feel all of my stresses and worries drifting away in the breeze. My brain feels less cluttered, and my body relaxes. I do my best thinking when I’m unencumbered by the noise and busyness of a city. I come up with great ideas. I read. I process. I plan.

So when it came time to find a name for my new venture, I went straight to Blue Canoe. For one thing, I have an actual blue canoe. For another, I love to think of myself as helping my clients steer their way to a strong philanthropic future. I can help them navigate the rapids, steer a straight course, and be able to turn direction on a dime. Paddling requires teamwork (well, unless you’re going solo) and I’m here to be a member of your paddling team.

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